OEM Fabrications

OEM Fabrications/
Custom Metal Work 

In the provision of fabricated metal components, nobody tops DAKA for flexibility, quality and timely delivery! Whether it’s a single steel prototype or a mass-produced product, DAKA can handle the task and deliver top-quality goods that make your product look great!

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Work Are All Custom Fabricated

Using carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum in thicknesses from 28 gauge to 2”, we’re able to do the OEM fabrication work you need, from cutting, drilling, forming, stamping and welding to finishing.

DAKA Marine and Energy are Other Primary Divisions of
What We Do

DAKA is a major player in the marine and energy business, providing design, fabrication, assembly, packaging and delivery of our own line of docks, boat lifts and UL-listed wood-burning furnaces.

Customized CNC Software Means Higher Standards

Customized software controls our CNC equipment to consistent quality standards others can only dream about.

Whatever Your Need
Let DAKA Do the Job

When your project has fabricated metals, let DAKA help you do the work so you can be proud of the results:

Sheet Metal
and more

Contact DAKA today for a custom quote on your OEM Fabrication & Custom project.

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